Fabricor Group provides acoustical ceiling installation services. We install acoustical ceilings for commercial, residential and government projects. Our acoustical ceiling installers work primarily in the Great Plains region. This includes North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Minnesota. We also install acoustical ceilings in Las Vegas, Nevada. And we have an acoustical ceiling installation team based in San Jose, California. We pride ourselves on stellar and cost efficient installation work.

If you’re looking for experience, then consider the Fabricor Group. We have extensive acoustical ceiling know how.

Our acoustical ceiling installers work with suspension ceilings and wire solutions. We have installed all types of false and drop down ceilings. And our installation teams understand the specific needs for different types of installations. We’ve designed and installed acoustical ceiling projects in the following environments:

  • Office space
  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Government offices
  • Churches
  • Retail space
  • R&D labs
  • Warehouses
  • Residential apartments
  • Residential homes, condos and townhouses

Acoustical Ceiling Installation for Sound Management

We also provide acoustical panel installs for sound management. We work with High Absorption, High NRC Acoustical Ceiling Panels. Our install teams work with products from manufacturers such as Armstrong, and many others. Sound management installations require extra special attention. The panels provide a sound management function as well as a design aesthetic. So they have to work good and look good. And the acoustical panel install should be impeccable.

Acoustical Ceiling Installation Products

The Fabricor Group incorporates a wide variety of materials and products. Our acoustical ceiling installers utilize products such as:

  1. Ceiling tiles
  2. Mineral fiber ceilings
  3. Aluminum ceiling tiles and panels
  4. Wood plastic ceilings
  5. Gypsum ceiling tile
  6. PVC ceiling tiles
  7. Fiberglas acoustic ceiling tiles
  8. Sound proof and high absorption acoustical ceiling tiles
  9. Fire proof ceiling tiles
  10. Hygienic ceiling tiles

We work closely with distributors. And we also work with the product support teams for acoustical ceiling manufacturers such as Armstrong, Rockfon, and Geometrik. This helps to ensure that we are always up to speed on the latest technologies. We know about key issues. And we leverage the performance advantages of different acoustical ceiling solutions.

Whether your job requires a standard acoustical ceiling installation or a custom acoustical ceiling installation, we can manage it for you. Our acoustical ceiling installers know how to get it done the right way. The first time. And on time. So when you’ve got a tight timeline, we keep you on schedule.

If you have an acoustical ceiling installation project, consider us. The Fabricor Group. Share the project plans with us and we’ll prepare a thorough, detailed and competitive bid for your acoustical ceiling project.

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