Life in Construction

Business is good in the Great Plains. With a thriving economy in North Dakota and Montana due to the uptick in the local oil industry, unemployment has been low and and holding steady. We love it. We also have a great appreciation for life right now in the Great Plains. Understanding that our goal at Fabricor Group is to create a healthy work environment for all of our employees and contractors, it is important to appreciate the moment and keep a sharp focus on what we do and how we do it.

As professionals, our goal is to continually provide the best construction services possible. To create delighted clients. And to create healthy work environments on all of our job sites so that employees and contractors are set up for success. We also stay focused on the goal of delivering on time and within budget. Because when we do, everyone feels good about the work and about their contributions at all levels. The key to meeting these goals–great employees and contractors. 

If you’re looking for North Dakota and Montana job opportunities in construction and you are skilled in acoustic ceiling installation, sheet rock and dry wall, metal and wood framing or painting services, give us a call. Because life in the North Plains, where the buffaloes still roam, has a lot to offer. Come join us in this vibrant, healthy and thriving construction industry.

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