Fabricor Group provides metal framing and wood framing services for commercial, residential and government projects. We work primarily in the Great Plains region (North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Minnesota), and Las Vegas, Nevada area. Metal framing and wood framing is a core competency and we really take pride in delivering solid framing structures with our cost effective work methodologies.

We know metal framing and wood framing. And we do it the right way. The smart way. And we build solid structures for you that adhere to code and pass inspections the first time. This is a key part of our sterling reputation for delivering on schedule.

With 20 plus years of experience, our methodologies and best practices are exceptional. We go to great lengths to ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget. We study the blue prints. Make accurate estimates. And then re-estimate again in order to accurately plan and calculate. The more upfront work we do, the smoother your project runs.

Metal Framing and Wood Framing Materials and manufacturers

We work with a wide assortment of products and materials. Examples include pressure treated wood, steel framing, cold formed metal framing from top manufacturers like Simpson Strong-Tie, and Craco Manufacturing. We also work with specialty materials for highly customized jobs.

Industry Compliance

And industry compliance is invaluable. So we stay abreast of trends and solutions and compliance guidelines as outlined by groups like the Steel Framing Association. Constant industry education is key to keeping your “A” game in framing.

Share your prints with us. We’ll review the plans and look for efficiency gains in structure and materials as well as look for cost efficiencies—without compromising your structural integrity. Leverage our years of metal framing and wood framing experience. We’ll take care of your project and build it the right way. On time. And within budget.

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