Fabricor Group provides modular home installation services for commercial, residential and government projects. We work primarily in the Great Plains region (North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Minnesota), and Las Vegas, Nevada area. Modular home installation is a key part of our service offering and we have a specialized team just for these projects. We pride ourselves on the smart and cost efficient installation work we deliver.

Experience and know how gives us the advantage to do it the right way.

We work with single story, multiple story dwellings, homes, storage structures, garages, and so forth. Because of our extensive experience, we understand the specific needs for the different modular home installation environments. We’ve managed projects in residential and office space. Whether your need is for a school or university, government office, church, or warehouse, we’ve got you covered. And residential apartments, townhouses, condos, and homes are a big focus for our team.

No matter the environment or the project, the install should be impeccable.

Modular Home Installation for Different Manufacturers

Even though modular home manufacturers seem to all be very similar, there are actually quite a difference in how they each approach the marketplace. There are those modular home manufacturers that produce a large number of modular homes (thousands) each year. They have factories across the country. Then you have small manufacturers that produce homes in their specific market areas or states. One group of prefab manufacturers specialize in custom modular homes while others build only specific factory made models. And last you have manufacturers that produce one type of home and those manufacturers that manufacture almost anything thing you need.

Some produce better quality than others, but each have their own benefits. The Fabricor Group works with a wide variety of these modular home manufacturers such as:

We work closely with a number of modular home manufacturers to ensure that we are always up to speed on the latest installation practices, key issues and cost efficiencies. Each have their own set of requirements and assembly methods so we research the requirement for each modular home installation project from various manufacturers.

Whether your job requires standard environmental needs or specialized and custom installation and assembly, we can manage it. Our staff and installation teams understand what you need and how to get it done the right way. The first time. And on time. And if your schedule is tight, we’ll work hard to accommodate that. We’ll keep you tracking and make it happen.

If you have a modular home installation project, work with us. We’ll help you plan the right way. We’ll write a competitive bid that will be thorough, detailed and comprehensive. We’ll make sure we get it right for you.

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