Fabricor Group provides interior and exterior professional painting services for commercial, residential and government projects. We work primarily in the Great Plains region (North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Minnesota), and Las Vegas, Nevada area. Painting is a part of our corporate heritage. We’ve been putting brilliant coats of durable paint on about every imaginable surface for 20 plus years. We do it right so it lasts a long time. And we do it cost efficiently.

When it comes to painting experience and the ins and outs of quality work, we’re your team.

We spray or brush with all types of paints including latex, oils, primer, water-based paints, stains, and sealants. Each type of paint requires special knowledge in the application process. It’s important to clean and prep the surfaces properly to ensure that the coat adheres correctly and lasts a long time. Additionally, each type of paint requires different tools and consistencies when applying. Are you using a sprayer for best coverage or brush for style?

And the surface is key. Is the project on metal, wood, or plastic? Or is it going over an old coat of paint? Is the painting project indoors or outdoors? Will it be exposed to sun?

Interior and Exterior Professional Painting Services

We provide interior and exterior professional painting services for projects in office spaces, airports, schools and universities. We also work on government offices, churches, retail space, R&D labs, and warehouses. Residential apartments, townhouses, condos, and homes are also a key area of focus.


As technology advances, so does paint. So it’s important for us to keep up with the latest paint products. Whether it’s a manufacturer of paints and wood stains like Behr, Benjamin Moore, or Valspar Paint, we’re always researching the latest. Reading objective reviews and studies is time consuming, but it’s worth the effort so that we use the best quality and most cost-efficient paints available for your projects.

Paint just has to look great when it’s done.

If your project calls for interior or exterior professional painting services, we’ve got the experience you can count on to get the job done right. Our crews know paint. And how to prep it, brush it or spray it the right way. The first time. And on time. And we’re punctual. So we’ll keep your project on schedule.

Call us. We’ll put together a thorough, detailed and competitive bid to meet your painting services needs.

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