Fabricor Group provides spray foam insulation services for commercial, residential and government projects. We work primarily in the Great Plains region (North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Minnesota), and Las Vegas, Nevada area. We understand this highly specialized field and we pride ourselves on the high quality and cost efficient results that we deliver for our clients.

Experience and knowledge are key when working on spray foam insulation projects. We do it the right way. And we make it work for you.

Because of our extensive knowledge, we understand the specialized needs for insulation projects and the wide variety of environments where we apply the spray form insulation. We’ve sprayed projects such as wood building structures, metal structures, inside roofing systems, outside roofing systems, manufacturing equipments, transportation equipment, vehicles, and so forth. We work in office spaces, airports, schools and universities, government offices, churches, retail space, R&D labs, manufacturing plants, warehouses and residential apartments, townhouses, condos, and homes.

Spray Foam Insulation Applications

There are a wide variety of uses for spray foam insulation and it is a highly efficient system that can reduce installation time and cost. There is no concern with eventually fallout like traditional insulation. And it also takes up minimal space whereas traditional insulation can require far greater thickness to be as effective. Because of its efficacy as an air sealer and waterproofing agent, spray foam insulation has the potential to act as a durability management strategy for a building and greatly increase energy efficiency.

Additionally, spray foam insulation can be applied to a wide number of surfaces in standard or challenging environments. It can be used to enhance resistance to wind uplift and hail damage. It can provide a waterproof and seamless roof. As a protective specialty coating, it can be applied to protect surfaces such as storage containers, walls and equipment in food processing plants and a wide variety of other manufacturing processes where UV degradation should be limited.

Spray foam insulation can be invaluable in extreme weather conditions where cold and will chill factors can threaten the integrity of structures and containers such as water containers, oil tanker trucks, and more. Additionally, steel roofs will all eventually leak, particularly in extreme climate zones like North Dakota, Montana, Colorado and others. By applying polyurea, you can add a protective layer that prevents water and air from destroying your roof insulation.

This work requires extra special attention because the panels provide a sound management function as well as a design aesthetic. Meaning they have to work right and look good. So the install should be impeccable.

Spray Foam Insulation Products

The Fabricor Group utilizes and incorporates only the best materials and products. And our high performance system enables us to be cost efficient.

We work on some of the most demanding jobs. So our Grayco E30 spray foam rigs are high performance. They’re built to insulate tight crawl spaces, vast warehouses, roofing systems, or mobile transport systems such as tankers. So we stay on top of the latest news to ensure we’re leveraging the latest and greatest while ensuring that the spray foam insulation will be durable and insulate to maximum levels. Our spray foam insulation products accommodates a wide variety of surfaces such as wood, metal, and plastic.

We use spray foam insulation from manufacturers like Premium Spray Product out of Atlanta, Georgia. We work with product support to keep our teams trained and current on any new product advantages that come available. It helps us to understand key issues, continually improve performance, maintain the industry’s best standards and practices.

Spray foam insulation is a smart way to insulate your project. Whether it’s a highly customized and special insulation project or a more standard project, we can manage it for you. Our team understands this process extremely well. So we go in and make it happen. We just do it the first time. And we keep your project on time. And when the schedule is tight, we’ll help to keep you on time.

If you need spray foam insulation, talk to us. We’ll draft a detailed, comprehensive and competitive bid. We can also work with our engineering team to calculate best spray foam installation practices and generate an ROI (Return On Investment) Calculation so you know how much your energy costs will be before and after applying spray foam installation.

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